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I’m Bob Reiter and have been covering the fights for Muay Thaimes® now going on seven years. My first gig was in February of ’07. It’s the kind of job where I tell the story of a fight: who, what, when, where and more how than why, which works both corners in this business. Think about it.

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That’s all there is, really, to talking Tachlis. While there are other kinds of stories that I sometimes tell – like the tale of the tape to set up the Tachlis in a fight or some secret in the shadows with the story’s real Tachlis – I never take sides between the fighters. If you’re going to be a fan in this business, it’s like blowing off half the audience. It’s also like blowing off your own credibility to tell the story, which I believe risks taking out the other half of your audience, sooner or later.

If someone ever asks me who I “like” in a fight – which happens occasionally – it means who do I think will win and maybe why. Covering a world light heavyweight title elimination bout in Las Vegas, the question was put to me during a smoke break by fans of the Canadian contender Simon Marcus before his match with Joe “Stitch ‘Em Up” Schilling. I was candid in reply. “Why would I travel 2,000 miles on my own nickel to see a fight, if I already know – or think that I know – how it’ll turn out?”

Whomever I “like” in the fights – even in this sense – it doesn’t really matter next to what actually happens between the ropes. Neither do opinions matter on any subject, in retrospect, beyond idle talk. Talking Tachlis about what’s really happening, though, just maybe we’re better able to inform our opinions about who or what to “like”, wherever and whenever we’ve got our own skin in the game.

Not all fights are between the ropes. Nature’s wrath put me personally down for the count in the 500-year storm “Sandy”. One minute I’m sitting down with my wife to dinner. Next thing I know, the lights go out and the Atlantic Ocean is pouring into our house.

When the dust (sand) literally settles – cubic tons of it – we’re like Dorothy and Toto in the Land of Oz. So we’re figuratively “not in Kansas anymore”. All we seem to be getting from the Wizard is smoke and mirrors. If there’s a twist in this story, I’ve probably got plenty of company wanting to smoke out the impostor from behind his curtain and make him talk Tachlis with us.

Still within a storm surge of the Atlantic Ocean, I’m here in Brooklyn’s Seagate, which is now without a 2-3 block seawall, while the Wizard conjures some dynastic “Leave It to Beaver” for posterity. Let’s talk Tachlis, which is all copyrighted, at:

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